Hello everyone and welcome to my blog once again, today I will be showing you how I styled one of the trends for 2017, ''The fishnet trend'' To be totally honest with you I used to prefer the panty hose without nets. But I have grown to be a bit comfortable in the netty ones … Continue reading Trends


Pink Thursday

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog once again. Today will strictly be a style post. Today I am rocking this slip monochrome dress and adding a pop of colour with my accessories (The belt and the purse). Oh yeah!!! I decided to leave my hair out. Appreciating my roots Thank you all for stopping … Continue reading Pink Thursday


Hello every one hope your week has been going great. Today I will be doing strictly a style post because I don't really want to type so much *winks* Thank you all for stopping by... Don't forget to leave your comments on the outfit. Have a wonderful day xoxo!!! Ref: ** Joel 2:28-29 8 “And … Continue reading INSPO