This Page will be showcasing ways in which you can create items using materials readily available around us.



This post is going to be a DIY choker neckpiece. Been meaning to post this for a while now but I had some setbacks.  How cool is it to have chokers in different colors??? because 99% of choker i see people wearing are always black and of course my love for colors prompted me to create a colorful choker and i decided to share with you all what i came up with. Have fun creating your own choker and don’t forget to add your flare***kisses***







The coachella head band has been trending for a while now and oh well i haven’t seen it around to buy for myself so I decided to come up with a  DIY project and would love to share with you all. Hope you try it out.Things you needtutorial1tutorial2tutorial3tutorial4tutorial5tutorial6tutorial7tutorial8



This post is a Do It Yourself project, it just helps with your creativity. I was able to transform an old shirt into something new, i have been loving the halter neck tank for a while so i decided to make one for myself and i have been rocking it happily. Below is a step by step process on how to achieve this with images attached. Have fun creating it and you can also add your on touch to it