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This page will generally be talking about my beauty hacks, little challenges we face in  life and how to conquer them and also do’s and dont’s when it comes to health, beauty, photography and so much more….stay updated by following. Thank you


Eating healthy sure helps save you from  lots of diseases, helps replenish nutrients needed in the body and generally just helps us function properly in our day to day activities. Eating salads is a habit which i advice should be cultivated as it is one of the foods that give fibre which helps to prevent constipation, cut calories and prevent bloating.


Few Benefits of Eating Salads

  • Saladas are healthy: They give vitamins needed for the body like VitaminC and many other vitamins and minerals which fights infections boosts iron absorption and helps maintain healthy bones.
  • Salads add fiber: Salads add fiber to the diet which reduces cholesterol and constipation . Salads which are high in fibre can be eaten before meals as it will help you consume less of  the higher calorie foods served afterward
  • Salads digest quickly: Compare to those foods that are filling due to its fatty componenents which cause bloating, salads do fill you up but they do not feel heavy make you feel lethargic nor make you feel bloated.

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Some days back i decided to get a shoe for my run arounds and of coures it is winter here so i felt going for the show with fur’s inside and out will keep me warm, it did keep me warm though but also gave me an injury(blisters). Guess why that happened?? well even though i checked the shoe at the store and it fitted properly i didn’t bother to walk around with it for atleast a minute or two to make sure i was comfortable with it, and so when i wore it my foot decided to react…LOL!!!! So this post is just to know how to shop for shoes and even if it fits perfectly into your leg without a struggle you should also make sure your foot agrees with it too. Kisses



I got these products when i noticed i was breaking out back then in school, though it was all because of the stress of school and work that attributed to the breakout but i just wanted to get rid of them. This product is just one amongst the many I tried but it came to stay, even though it wasn’t so fast in doing the job, it took its time and cleared out the breakouts and with constant usage I hardly experience breakouts. I experience breakouts once in a blue moon due to hormonal changes.

  • An exfoliator
  • A face wash
  • A face toner
  • A mostourizer



My favourite makeup brand  at the moment is Mary kay, I use the time wise primer and the medium coverage marykay foundation (507) and sometimes i decide to swith to blackup when the weather is a bit cool. My finishing powder is marykay in bronze2. I hardly use a concealer when carrying out my makeup routine I use my foundation instead. My favourite neutral eyeshadow to use is my revlon because of the soft look it gives. My go to brushes are my angleslanted, powderbrush, eyeshadowbrush, and finally myblendingbrush  . I use black opal eyeliner and Marykay mascara. For my lipsticks I will be talking more about them in a later post.