Why we don’t get our rewards

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog once again, today I will be talking on the bible verse that tells us to learn to do things in secret so the Lord God who sees what you do will reward you.IMG_5633

Many of us today do not understand this particular part of the bible and it is very disheartening because we loose our reward out of ignorance. I will give one or two instances,




First instance: Going to the orphanage home to give some items to the children, you do not have to put on social media or let everyone know you are doing that in order to make people have this notion of wow!! this person is so kind and all. If men give you all the praises you believe you need then Our God would fold his arms since you feel fulfilled with the earthly praises.


Second instance: Making donations in church and expecting them to call your name and the amount you are giving…is it right???? why do you want your name to be mentioned?? is it not just for the worldly praises. I could go on and on but I would stop here and let you ponder over this few words.


I decided to go bold with the colours today. Yes to neons *wink* so I paired this mini skirt wit a lemon tank and my lemon rubber shoes then spiced it up with the fish net to give it a more modest look.


Would love to hear from you guys have a wonderful evening xoxo!!!


4 thoughts on “Why we don’t get our rewards

  1. Bae be killing it since forever lol, you look great, i lyk d addition of d fishnets most especially. About d verse u explained, u couldn’t v sed it any better, give in secret nd God will reward u openly.


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