Modesty is classy

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog once again, Today I will be showing you how to rock a boobtube dress modestly *wink*


For My ladies out there who don’t like showing so much  skin but will like to rock some trends like the off shoulder, coldshoulder, boobtube and the rest of them, you can always wear a shirt underneath the pieces, just like I did in this outfit


Today I paired my boodtube dress with a black heeled shoe and I accessorized with some pearls to give it a classy/vintage vibe. And did you spot the bag I am carrying??? It is/was for my mum, It is like 25years old and it still looks this good, quality speaking.


I really do hope you have learnt something from this post and hope you loved the paring??? hope to see your comments xoxo!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Modesty is classy

  1. One question, i v a tube dress but it’s lacy, taking ur styling tip z it a formal wear, can i wear it to an office environment? Usually i just wear a jacket over it when m not leaving it dat way. Dis was super helpful thank you 😘

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    1. I believe you can wear a buttoned down shirt on a tube dress for work. It will definitely give off as a formal look.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and I am glad it was helpful
      Have a wonder day dear. Love always xoxo!!


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