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Hello every one and welcome to my blog today, I will be featuring an outfit post and I will be asking questions about marriage and celibacy



What do you have to say about the domestic violence which has been occurring recently in our society???

Why do you think most people spouses result in the act of domestic abuse?

Is there any justification for domestic violence??


Do you believe we should remain celibates if we believe we haven’t found the right one instead of settling.

If you decide to be celibate without being a Reverend Father/Sister how do you think the society would view you?? will there be stigmatization


I would really love to see your responses.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day *Kisses*


Luke 24:49

“I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.”


17 thoughts on “News paper print

  1. There is no justification for domestic violence at all!!! No one should stay with a partner who is violent or who doesn’t make you feel good. In our society there is no stigmatisation whether you live single or in a relationship. In Berlin e.g. more than 50 % of households are single-households.
    💕 Reni

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  2. first ..i need that dress.
    2: there’s not justification for domestic violence ever. Just like there’s non for stupidity 3. celibacy was not meant for reverands alone. Scriptures say “if you can stay celibate its better, but if u burn, marry. They never specified for who. in one big response 1 cor 7:9

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    1. Thank you for taking us back to the scripture were it states that.
      There really is no justification for domestic violence
      I might just DHL the dress to you *LOL* Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a wonderful comment

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  3. There’s absolutely no justification for domestic violence, nothing at all. I really do not know why some people resort to it: might be as a result of frustration but I want to believe it’s psychological, raising your hand against the other person (that’s my only explanation)
    I’m a Christian and I have the Holy Spirit so for me “finding the right one” isn’t even the problem but understanding your purpose in Christ and that way whoever comes your way has to fit God’s purpose first and then they’ll both find themselves in it.
    For those who want to remain single/celibate my advice to them is “it’s your life and don’t let someone else treat it like it’s theirs”

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    1. Thank you so much for this writeup. It will definitely help someone as much as it has helped me.
      To tell you the truth I am one of the people who fear that finding the right one may be difficult. Love the point you made on that.
      Thank you so much for stopping by xoxo!!

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  4. The issue of domestic violence for me is more that just mere talk on social media we all have to go back to our roots to address the issue. The responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of each of us in this generation to teach our kids the right values on how to treat the opposite sex and how to place value on yourself.
    Your shoes are super cute by the way.

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  5. Work it!! You do as always. Great poses✨
    There is NO justification for domestic violence or any violence unless you have to defend yourself from the person doing it. As far as celibacy, it’s up to the individual and their relationship. You can’t be celibate and want to be with someone unless you and that person have an equal understanding of it. But it can be good because you don’t have to worry about having children and ending up being single, or stds. And you can eliminate a lot of dating options by being celibate, it shows you who’s really for you and who just wants the sex!

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  6. Yo! Hell no! There is never a reason for domestic violence at all…. it angers me so much when I here these cases… me being a witness and a victim of it… mentally and phisically… it bull s…

    That’s why I’m celibate! This generation is crazy… people killing there man or women or kids or all of the above… this is crazy!

    I rather be lonely and happy and stress free then to be shackled and torchered by a painfull love investment..

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      1. Amen my friend… amen… you no how valuable you worth is so preserve it till someone that can handle comes along or just stay to yourself and happy with that beautiful smile you always have! Peace and blessings to you!


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