Hello everyone and welcome to my blog once again, today I will be reminding you all about how okay it is to dream big, I mean we don’t pay to dream so what is stopping you??


Your dreams may seem impossible but when you summon the will people they will become inevitable, small dreams will choke the life out of you and your talents and potentials won’t be used to the fullest. Nothing good has ever been achieved with small thinking because they do not add value to the world.

So I challenge you today to dare to dream, dream big and have the will to achieve your dreams



To the outfit post, I decided to go for a more vintage and monochromatic look. You all must have noticed thay my favorite go to look is always monochromatic because with monochrome you can never go wrong in my own opinion


So today I paired my lemon tank with a lemon bodycon skirt and decided to cpm[lete the look with a dark green knit jacket and a belt,

Peep my shoes they are the most comfortable shoes ever.  I will definitely do an upclose shot when next I rock them


I do hope you took out to read and I will love to hear your own opinion on monochromatic looks in general, would you rather have it or make it stop?

Ref: http://www.biblestudytools.com/

Isaiah 26:12

“LORD, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.”



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