Skirt over a dress

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog once again. This blogpost is featuring an outfit I wore out with my aunt who came around for just two days.


On a very good thursday my aunt arrived Abuja and then she was picked up from the airport by one of my uncles who just had his first child (I had to pitch that in *wink*) of course she spent sometime with them and they dropped her of at our place…


Of course when she came around it was all fun and bubbly because she is so so funand guesss what she also has friends round the globe and when I mean friends I mean people that actually make positive impacts in her Life and they actually made an impact in my life after just a first meeting. It actually proofed to me that going out is very necessary even though it might be out of your comfort zone. I am also saying this to myself as well because I have been missing out on some very important events. Moral of my story is go out more, explore and meet new people basically socialize.

To the outfit, I wore a dress and then put the skirt over it, I was going for the peplum belt effect but it turned out better…cheers to me. Check out how I styled the skirt before here


Are you one that loves to go out and meet people or the one that likes pressing his or her phone in your room??? If you are the former, tell me how it has helped you and if you are the latter what do you think about breaking out and getting out of the box (comfort zone).



5 thoughts on “Skirt over a dress

  1. Admired d style since i saw a pic of it on ur IG page, so creative, i actually tot it looked lyk d peplum belt concept but dis waaaaay better πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― about going out, i love going out nd meeting people it’s fun, u become more exposed nd u learn a thing or two maybe more from d places u go.

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