Hello Every one and welcome to my blog once again, so I will be diverting today before I go into the style post, I have been wondering If I am the only that has this issue, I know you are wondering what issue I am talking about *Big grin*, you will get to know if you stay put.


Hehehe so onto the issue, It is the issuse of holding onto friendship and keeping in touch with my friends, I don’t If I am the only one, I find it so difficult to do whatsapp the modern chatting plat form and most times I always have it in mind to call before the day runs out and then I forget or I just say this might not be the right time and then I procastinate and never get to do it until maybe something prompts the thought again


If you have this same issue I will really love you to leave your comment and If you have had this issue and have been able to work I would really like to know how you disciplined yourself and how you got rid of the habit


So onto the outfit post, I wore a sequenced gold skirt and I paired it with a brown top and a brown popsocks because I just felt it was a bit too short, but If you are comfortable with rocking it without a popsocks then girl you are totally free and it sure would look nice


I will rock this outfit to a dinner party, a night out and so on. Would you rock this outifit??? If yes to where and if you had to change anything what will you do. Don’t forget to stop by and leave a comment










10 thoughts on “SHIMMER

  1. Der was a tym I made it a point of duty to check on my friends, tnx to social media it was easy but now, i don’t even do bbm again, whatsapp z just to receive messages nd i usually feel so bad about dis but den i just call or text nd just apologize. See ehn, d best thing z even if u can’t call, text it will go a long way. Love d outfit especially d sequined skirt nd i think d pop socks added extra spice to d whole look

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