Fringe goodness

It feels like it haas been forever since I posted anything on here

I have been quite busy with work and many other things I have outfit post but the time to actually post them is the problem here. I am so so sorry to all those who follow me and have not seen any post from me. Bear with me


So today I am featuring this fringe top that I actually bought,  I am sure you guys thougth I DIYed it but I actually didn’t but It is surely one of the Diy’s I plan to publish. And coincidentally I was also rocking my fringe wig for this outfit post so I decided to name it the fringe goodness. *LOL*


I paired my fringe top with my high waisted jeans and a beaded heeled sandal




How would you pair your fringe top and where would you rock it too?????

What is your take on the fringe trend in general?? gotta have it or make it stop

I really do hope you stop by and leave a comment. xoxo!!!


1 Peter 1:21

*Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.*


7 thoughts on “Fringe goodness

  1. Love d colour combo, fringe z actually a trend i hope it stays a while, u gave me an idea of s d next hairstyle to make, bin thinking about what to do but powwwwww u came thru with s hairstyle m so doin fringe next. Come baq soon o, missed ur posts 😘

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    1. I hope it stays longer too…..I can’t wait to see you with the fringe hair style, I am sure it will suit you.Aww you missed me, I am blushing *big grin* I really hope to come back fully soon


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