One sleeve up

Welcome to my blog once again beautif people, it has been a while you saw me right???? I know I know, the work load has been real at the office and I have also been guilty of being lazy about blog posts


I really hope you missed me, because I missed you all. *wink* DIVERT…   Valentine is around the corner ooo what are you all going to be up to?? are you going to wear red on valetines day??


To the outfit details, I rocked a buttoned down shirt with one sleeve up (I raise my sleeve out of reflex and I always forget to bring it down ) my skinny jeans and I also brought out the white heeled sneakers to play


When you are just to happy about everything happening in your life right now


Me looking up to God for everything he hasn’t perfected because I know he will perfect it


I think the sun was in my eyes LOL…..I hardly carry a bag around

So would you rock this simple and classy look??? if yes where would you rock it to?? If you had to chane anything what would you chane?? I would love to hear your thoughts please leave them below.


Psalm 34:14

“Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”


18 thoughts on “One sleeve up

  1. Yaaaaay, guess who’s baq. I missed ur posts nd funny poses too 😀 no plans for vals o nd i hate seeing d colour red on vals day so i can’t even wear it. Love ur outfit especially d shoes 😍 I’d wear dis to work but i guess I’d v to change d shoes, business meetings, casual outings, etc

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    1. Hehehehe….I am finally back, thank you so much jolade for your constant support. I know right I just have fun when I am taking pictures **big grin** Me tooooo the red colour gets to much
      Thank you plenty girl xoxo!!!


  2. Hello! I love your outfit and your funny poses. Aside from the fact that I hate being conventional, I don’t like red so I’ll definitely not wear it on valentine’s day. Besides I’ll be home and show some self love! Lovely blog you have here..

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    1. Lol…thank you so much Atinuke
      You never red red for valentines day oooo
      What better way to spend valentines day than to shower yourself with love
      Thank you so much love and thank you for stopping by
      I hope to see more of you around
      Have a wonderful Sunday xoxo!!!

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