My office essentials

Goodmorning every one and welcome to my blog once again, today I am not doing a fashion post but a lifestyle post

A bit different right??? I know I am getting outside the box it is definitely the way to go.

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Pardon the picture if it isn’t so clear for you, I took it with my phone and the lighting wasn’t so good.

VASELINE: I have to carry my vaseline everywhere I go because of the weather here in Nigeria, it is quite dry it is called *harmattan* I use it as a lip balm and also as a moisturizer.

OLIVE OIL: I miss it with my vasline and use it as a moisturizer and I also use it as a handcream because I basically have to use the toilet and when I wash my hand it gets dry and it will need to be mosturized *wink*

CHARGER: I actually charge my phone to the highest before leaving the house but I love to use my phone when the brightness is on the highest with that the battery gets drained very fast and I definitely would need to charge it again

PURSE: I need money every single day to get luch, to maybe get a cab and I also have some ipmportant cards in they you know so I can’t afford to forget it.

NAILE FILE: Iknow it might not be every body’s must have when going to the office, but it is one of mine because I can’t stand a rough edged nail and my nails aren’t so strong, they tend to break of and when they do I have to get rid of the rough edges with the nail file

GHEWING GUM: Fresh breath is a must have for every one, I use itfor the purpose of retaining my fres breath

PERFUME: Once in a while I just feel like I need to after going to the toilet to bring back my smell and take out the toilet smell **big grin** it is just my mind set.

What are your go to essentials for work or school??? what can you do without when you have to step out of the house??? I would love to hear from you xoxo!!!


Ecclesiastes 3:1 one of the verses of the bible I love so much

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens




4 thoughts on “My office essentials

  1. I carry shea butter mixed with coconut oil evrywhere nao, sweets/chewing gums too, yh my charger i carry dat evrywhere, notepad, taperule, basically dats all i carry, yes tissue paper, i used to not carry dis around but d endless question of “U’re a lady nd u don’t v tissue” had me carrying it evrywhere.

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    1. Hehehe….The harmattan here sure makes us need moisturizers to survive. I really don’t carry tissues to the office because I have like two rolls stacked somewhere. It is very necessary oo to carry tissue around you know sometimes the need for it may arise


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