Going from an adult to a teenager

An outfit can totally change the way you look age wise πŸ˜‰I tried on this outfit at home and I went from my normal age to a teenager in a few seconds. Perks of having a small body as well, you can decide to play the role of a little girl today and the role of an adult tomorrow.



would you like to switch up your look once in a while going from an adult to maybe a kid??? Would you rather dress to look younger, older or your perfect age?? I would love to see your comments xoxo!!


30 thoughts on “Going from an adult to a teenager

  1. I went for an outing yesterday with my youngest sister nd pple kept asking who was older cos of how small i was looking in my outfit lol. Den hairstyles too do d trick lyk in ur pictures. Lovely pictures by d way. I like to dress younger, dress my age nd even dress older, anything goes my dear it just depends on d spirit I’m in @ dat moment lol

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    1. LOL…. I get that a lot too when I go out with my little sister, and I am older than her with almost a decade….You are totally spot on dear clothes and hair do the trick.
      I kind of Love to dress older than my age because I feel people will respect me more.
      Thank you for always stopping by and giving wonderful comment. xoxox!!!!!!


  2. This outfit is so cute! I feel like there’s this stereotype of how middle age men/women dress, but if you think about it, we all end up borrowing our parents clothes! My mum pulls off way more clothes than me. People should dress how they want to πŸ™‚

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