Hello guys I am back again with that burgundy dress I have styled more than twice on the blog. I will leave you guys to guess where I have styled the dress before.

There is nothing like I am a repeat offender for me because they are my clothes and I am bound to repeat them and it isn’t an offence to me. Really though who came up with the repeat offender thingy!!!!

Enough about that let us move on to my outfit. PICTURES!!!





Ps I deleted this post by mistake so I had to repost. I really wish I could get the wonderful comments back 😌 But it is fine though 😉Thank you all for stopping by and sticking around dsc_0167


I rocked my buttoned down white shirt with my burgundy dress, I guess I am loving the colour burgundy all over again. The best part of my whole outfit is my hair, peep the hair people and I feel so sad because this is the only picture I was able to get with the hair. This month has been quite hectic for me but I will survive

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to drop a comment beautiful people. *Kisses*




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