Throwing it back

Today’s post will be featuring some of the outfits I wore before my blogging phase. How cool will it be??

This was me going to make my hair some time back. My natural hair pops
This was at a Christmas carol event at family worship. I really enjoyed the event
This was me going for a meeting to discuss about ย some products hand services that would yield good results
This was the outfit I wore for a job interview and guess what I got it. I didn’t want to wear the typical suit because because I didn’t want to look so stuck up *wink*
I wore this outfit to church. I really love how simple the look is


That time I accompanied my mum to the gym. She isn’t taking it easy ooo. ( Eba and egusi can dull her shine)
An outfit I wore to make enquries about a trainning institute
An outfit I wore to have lunch with the sister a while back

I still have more pictures though I am just to Lazy to find them. I would be updating it

How were your pictures before blogging life setin

were you always fashion concious

If you aren’t a blogger, Have you stepped up your fashion game since you started following fashion blog.

I would really love for you to leave your comments *kisses*


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