Me and the green

For the first time in a very long time I decided to rock the off shoulder trend. Before I dive into the outfit post, I wolud like to find out how your weekend went. Did you go for any event?? If yes was it an eventful one I hope it was though.

I went for a meeting with the mentors of my club. It was eventful but I felt lazy to go for the next one which was a Sunday.


Diving into the outfit post, I rocked this box printed off shoulder top which has been in my closet for a while now and never touched.


I paired it with my green skinny jeans and My heeled sandal.




I accessorized with a scarf which I usewd as a choker and my cute wrist watch and bracelet (wink)


Me whipping my hair. If you have that long hair flip it *big grin*


Me feeling like a hot stuff in this picture.


I hope you love my outfit and have a wonder day or night lovely people. Don’t forget to leave your comments and also connect with me on the social media platforms.


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