Earring to brooch

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image In today’s post I will be featuring a wide leg pant, a pleated bell sleeved shirt, mules and an earring which was used as a brooch.


image I was not a big fan of wide leg pants some time back but I have grown to like it. What is your take on wide leg pants?? I would rock this outfit to work but with a change of shoes or to a night out with friends on a working day 😉


Talking about my brooch, I just used one of my earrings that has been featured. Earrings are so versatile they can also be used as pendants, don’t forget to improvise with yours.

NB: Plus size Ladies can also rock flare pants. Added this because of my very loving and supportive reader TeacherofYA


This two images were gotten from google.

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24 thoughts on “Earring to brooch

  1. I think wide leg pants can be worn depending on the shape. I am plus sized so they look AWFUL on me. But I love them and wish I could pull them off. I think as long as you are doing it right, wide legs can be incredibly cute. You pull it off. I always say, if you’re going to go big on the bottom, go small on the top! I advise against wearing big pants with big shirts, and you avoided that and look wonderful.
    Beautiful outfit, you gorgeous girl. 😘

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    1. Thank you love. And let me point out to you that being plus sized doesn’t stop you from wearing a wide leg pant. I think I would find some pictures showing some plus sized ladies wrong them and looking fab!! I really hope you try out the wide leg pant trend.
      Thank you so much dear for always stopping by and leaving an insightful and wonderful comment


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