Hello everyone and welcome to my blog once again. Not blogged for two days now, I would say the cause is just laziness 😁 Today I will be featuring a brown and gold outfit with my most important accessory being the scarf.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I rocked this outfit to church some Sundays back but never got to take pictures with them. So I dressed up and asked my brother to take some pictures of me for the blog.


The scarf trend is definitely coming back in style. I rocked a brown croptop, a brown belt, a brown skirt, with my scarf of many colours and then added my gold details to make up the outfit.


Would you rock this outfit?? If yes to Where?? And what occasion would you be rocking it for??. Don’t forget to leave your comments and a happy new month to you all😘😘 may September be way better than August was to you. Xoxo






28 thoughts on “Scarf

  1. normally I wouldn’t hi-5 a person with a skirt like that, but I think it only looks cool on specific people, just like how it looks on you. Your gold mix is spot on

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