Talking on CMS

imageHello everyone and welcome to my blog once again. Today I will be diving into the  CMS I use and also stating some of its pros and cons. Yeah CMS is an acronym for Content Management System. In my own understanding, it is an application that helps you manage your contents online. Some examples WordPress, blogspot, wix and so much more.


I make use of WordPress because I have grown to love the GUI and how well arranged posts are. Also you get to choose from variety of beautiful themes. I only don’t like the fact that some features aren’t available until you become a premium user🤗 Well they’ve got to make money. I am saying this compared to some other CMSs like blogspot I won’t bash it but I really do have my concerns.

image Today’s outfit post is featuring a burgundy shirt, bag, hat, a pink 3/4 trouser, a round black framed glasses and a black sneakers.


I wore this outfit for an event on Saturday. It was reminding us that we are all born for greatness. All the speakers shared their stories and how they feel they have attained greatness in certain ways and encouraged us to empower ourselves and to also be ready for greatness. #BFG and we should never think otherwise, everybody is born for greatness.

imageWhat content management system do you love about it and what issues do you face with it??

Do you love the colour combo I came up with and where would you rock this outfit to??

word to live by: You are born great and you can achieve greatness.


8 thoughts on “Talking on CMS

  1. I’ve fallen in love with the burgundy colour. i usually don’t av a favourite colour but burgundy seem to be doin it for me now. love the hat, ur ensemble z just beautiful, i love how u paired pink with burgundy really nice

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  2. I am in love with your pink pants. The outfit is well put together and looks fabulous on your skin tone. The hat and the purse also well put together with this fit. Great outfit to dress up or down, I love it. Thanks for sharing.☺

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