Red x Brown

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imageIn the previous post I talked about the socks and shoes/sandals trend and guess what today I tried out the trend. Wait on the pictures, I kinda liked the outcome hope you like it too πŸ˜‰




Today I rocked a brown cotton leggings, brown boob tube, brown and red knee length socks, and a gold sandals.


Hope you like how the socks and sandals trend was pulled off by me. Would you be trying it out and if you were too rock this outfit what piece would you change and where would you rock it to?? Your comments are highly appreciated don’t forget to leave one or more πŸ˜‰ Have a wonderful day guys 😘😘




28 thoughts on “Red x Brown

  1. I like it all, but I think the gold sandals distract from the rest of the outfit. I’m not a big fashion person, so I could be wrong, but I like the rest of what you put together. The socks and leggings are cute with what you paired them!

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  2. Oh really? It’s a sock? When I saw this picture on IG I actually thought it was an open knee pants with a red design or something. Definitely giving this trend a trial. Weldone girl! You nailed it!

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