Your take on chokers

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog once again. I will be showing you an outfit featuring a head band made by me which was worn as a choker.imageTalking about chokers.. What do you all think about this trend?? Should we have it or make it stop? I kinda like it πŸ€—πŸ€—



I happen to make this particular choker I am wearing. It was initially made as a headband but oh well choker happened 😁


I used the elastic from my old belt and nail polishes to make the dots. The nail polish thingy was inspired by Carrie in Carrie diaries😊 The process stitch the two ends of the elastic together and then start making dots with your nail polish so simple 😁😁.

imageimageWhat I wore

A blue shirt and white shorts with a woven belt, polka dotted socks and choker and my white crocs. The chair was a coincidence 😊

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to drop your comments on the outfit, how you would rock it and where you would rock it to or just say hi to me 😘😁 You can connect with me on Instagram @moobib and you can also like my Facebook page down below THANK YOU SO MUCH 😘


15 thoughts on “Your take on chokers

  1. You look great! Please add a close-up photo of the choker, I can’t see it very well on the featured photos, and I want to see those Carrie inspired nail polish dots πŸ™‚

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