Blue hues

imagehello beautiful people and happy new week to you all. I am so sorry for being inactive for a while, needed to clear my head and sort out some things. Thank you for understanding and am so grateful for those who checked up on me you are loved and appreciated😘😘

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imageimageTo my outfit post😉 I rocked this outfit to the market😁 My mom was like why are you wearing this outfit to the market and make sure you don’t tell me to snap any pictures😂😂 that was my plan all along.

I rocked a loose long top with a cotton leggings and a scarf around my neck (I added it to the outfit to cover a little stain on my shirt😉 perks of rubbing foundation😁) and a shoe like sandals imageimageThak you for stopping by and would you rock this outfit to the market??

Where would you rather rock it too??

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