The truth about life is that you can’t live to please everyone and even if you try you will be hurting yourself in the process although people you’re trying to please will end up being ungrateful and still will say shady things about you. I was in that category once but I had to let go of the attitude (people pleaser) because in the end you would loose your self trying to please them. My advice to you today is to live life to the fullest, be good, be truthful to yourself and  don’t forget to do things because you want to not because you have to in other to please any humanbeing 😉😉image

Today I decided to go for a more vintage look and also mixed prints in the process. A loose polka dot shirt was paired with a high waist pant and a lace up Camo sandals with a pair of circle frames (in love😍)image

What is your take on vintage looks???? should we have it or make it stop

Do you think mixing prints is a good idea??? How would you mix your prints to have a put together look. Do well to drop your thoughts in the comment box have a lovely day ***kisses***




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