Living without clutches

imageToday’s blog post is inspired by Joel olsteen..talking about living without clutches am sure you are wondering how that relates to you but oh well it does because 99% of people are. Living without clutches means living without depending on things before you achieve a goal you have to push and get rid of every obstacle and hinderance on the journey. Those obstacles are your clutches, some of us don’t even realize our clutches and haven’t even tried to get rid of it.



Sharing my own experience

Everytime I had to leave my house for a particular purpose I had to either call someone to drop me off or ask my brother to do the honor of dropping me off but we all know that as humans we have to form small and feel important. As time went on my brother left the house for few months and the driver would always give excuses or say he will come and not show up, to also get a taxi is a whole lot of work because of where I stay and I end either going late or not making it at all. Looking at this scenario I was being dependent on people to drive me around and that didn’t do me any good because I hardly got to places on time so I realized I needed to get rid of this clutch and decided to go and take driving lessons now I can drive myself around to get to places on time without depending on anyone so my advice to you all is get rid of your clutches.Anything that hinders you from achieving a goal should be removed or terminated from your life. Recognize your clutches and try to get rid of them. In I know I may not be a perfect driver but I know that when I need to get some place and there’s no one available to take me, I can easily help myself imageimageimage


8 thoughts on “Living without clutches

  1. Initially when I read the title of your post my thought was clutch (purse )😃 This post is just beautiful. Reading it has made me to realise that it is time for me to let go of alot of clutches. I’ll start by taking driving lessons too. Keep it up dear👍


  2. I really love this personalty, my name is Adewoyin olanrewaju from nigeria now am one of your fans keep the good work rolling babe


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